What are Francophonie Games?



Francophonie games are a combination of sporting and artistic events that are held once every four years. These games are held for the Francophonie, an international organization of governments and politics with French as their customary or mother language. For a country to be eligible for an admission into the Francophonie organization there has to be a ubiquitous presence of French culture and language. The word Francophonie, was coined in the year 1880 by Onesime Reclus a French Geographer.The word was then later revived by Leopold Sedar Senghor a couple of decades later in a review. Leopold Senghor was the founder of Negritude.

In 1962 though, the word was assimilated to Humanism by Espirit. It was not until 1979 that an organization was formed. The Francophonie started as a small organization only having a handful of European countries, however with time it has grown into something much bigger; encompassing the rest of the globe. The organization has several branches that work together with its member countries in a variety of fields such as science, culture, economics, peace and justice. These games have been held every four years since 1989. It is worth noting that these games were established as partial counterweight measure to the Commonwealth Games.

At the inaugural event back in 1989, there were four different sports that were played. They include basketball, association football, judo and athletics. Later on in 1994, Handball, Handisport, wrestling and table tennis were added to the other sports.  However, none of these four additional sports, were featured in the 1997 version of the game and instead tennis and boxing were introduced instead.In 2001 there were a total of eight sports that were featured. These included the four inaugural sports, table tennis, boxing, beach volleyball and handisport. The last two of these were held as demonstration sports.

In 2005 when it was time again for the Francophonie games none of the two sports that had been demonstrated previously were featured. Instead conventional wrestling was featured in addition to six sports that were established.  e commerce Artists and athletes who come from any of the 55 nations that form membership of the organization are eligible to apply in the Jeux de la Francophonie. The Francophonie games have experienced relative success with the average number of artists who have participated on average being 3,000 artists. magento A smaller number of athletes (1,700) has been recorded.


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The Diversity in Francophonie Games

Also known as the Jeux de la Francophonie, the Francophone Games is an event that is held every four years in a French speaking country.  Tioman resort The event is a combination of two things; artistic presentations and sporting events that celebrate the cultural treasures and cultural diversities among the member countries that participate.


The Francophonie Games

This event began in 1989. e commerce malaysia Even though events that can be best described as being sporadic had been held from the late ‘70s by the Francophonie member states, there had never been a regularly organized event such as the Francophone games.  The event was however inaugurated in 1989.  Ever since then, all member states send their best artists and athletes every four years to represent them in the event that is similar to the Olympics. The last Francophonie Games were held in 2009 in Beirut, Lebanon where they were watched by millions of people worldwide.

It is believed that the major reason behind the establishment of the games was so as to rival a similar event, the Commonwealth Games. The Commonwealth Games are an extension of the Commonwealth organization of nations. The Commonwealth Games informally try to maintain strong ties among former British colonies. There are approximately the same numbers of countries that participate in the event, however, most of the member states don’t have a French origin rather they have a British origin.

It is interesting to note how the long rivalries that have plagued these two nations relationship with each other, have some how managed to be extended into sporting events. Throughout history both France and England have been rivals. Their history of interaction is punctuated with one war after another and for a long time the language of the English courts had bee French. Pulau Perhentian However, the rise of the British Empire and its gradual demise led to a firm friendship between the two.  However, the distinct differences in both the French and English culture seem not have been reconciled and have led to a milder rivalry being shown through these two events.


Variety of Sporting Events

The Francophone Games have characteristically popular French games such as table tennis, judo and tennis.  Field and track are also very popular and are simply termed as “athletics”. Test Socket Both men and women are eligible for all categories of sports, however, they all compete separately. Other sports that are featured in the Francophone Games include volleyball, wrestling, boxing, soccer and handball.


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